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Sexual and Reproductive health rights training workshop begin at Chittagong

03 Apr 2022 | 10: 46 am

Every time you open a newspaper or a TV screen, you see rapes or murders. Many people are being forced to drop out prematurely as a result of sexual violence of some deranged people. But every human being should have freedom of sexual desire. While there should be freedom to adopt and raise children, due to the ignorance of some people, only women are blamed for childbirth. The results are violence against women are increasing. Therefore, the sexual and reproductive rights of every woman and man are an integral part of basic human rights. Violence and crimes against women cannot be stopped unless the nation and society move forward equally to protect these rights. The speakers expressed their views at the inaugural function of a 6-day training workshop on “Increasing Tolerance and Empowerment (Module) 1 and Module 2 by learning about RISE- SRHR.

The inaugural session of the workshop, chaired by S M Nazer Hossain, Executive Director, ISDE Bangladesh, was attended by renowned women leaders and President of ADAB Chittagong Jasmine Sultana Paru and Ex Councilor of Chittagong City Corporation Abida Azad. ISDE Human Resources Coordinator Shampa K Nahar moderated the inaugural session. ISDE Program Coordinator Md. Jahangir Alam, Rohingya Response Program Manager Jasim Uddin Siddiqee, Training Officer Nipa das also spoken the session
Jsemin Sultana Paru, President, ADAB Chittagong Chapter

Speaking on the occasion, Jasmine Sultana Paru, a prominent woman leader, said that women and children are constantly victims of violence due to lack of effective initiatives to protect sexual and reproductive health rights. It is necessary to awaken the conscience of the common people at the grassroots level, to organize the protesting people at all levels of society and to speak out against the torture so that the victims of torture and women get proper legal redress. Violence against women has increased as grassroots protests against violence have decreased.

Abida Azad Ex Councilor of Chittagong City Corporation

In his speech, S M Nazer Hossain, Executive Director, ISDE Bangladesh, said that while every human being is supposed to be guaranteed sexual and reproductive health rights and protection, people are ignorant about it. Many people think that the main job of a woman is to bear and raise children. Due to which many are considering women as sex slaves, which is an extreme violation of human rights. Since its inception as a local non-governmental development organization, ISDE has been working on various programs to protect the rights of women and children.

Participants of the training workshop

And for this, it is committed to change the society by organizing the citizens with humanistic values who want change in the society. As part of this, the workshop was organized to protect the right to sexual and reproductive health and to build a dignified society without discrimination between men and women. He also announced plans to organize more meetings, seminars and workshops to create awareness at grassroots level on protection and empowerment of sexual and reproductive health rights.

Increase tolerance through SRHR implementation through Red Orange, FPAB and ISDE Bangladesh initiated by Royal Tropical Institute KIT with financial support from SIMAVI, a donor organization in the Netherlands. The trained officers will inform the people of different professions in the field. ISDE Bangladesh's 25 officers and staff from Chittagong and Cox's Bazar districts are participating in the workshop.

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