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Food and other Emergency support to Serve the Stateless Rohingya Refugees.

12 Mar 2018 | 10: 41 am

ISDE-Bangladesh is a Bangladesh based Non-Profit, Voluntary, Social Development Organization Devoted to Reduction of Poverty, Hunger & Effects of Natural Disaster, Promotion of Women Human Rights, Political Empowerment of Women & Girls Children, Ethnic Minorities and Stop Violence Against & Discrimination of Women in Bangladesh since 1992.

Entrusted to Serve Disadvantaged Women Group, Hazardous Children, Coastal Fishing Communities, Persons with Disability, Migrants, Ethnic Minorities, Sex-workers, Transgender (hijra) Communities, Non-local Refugees & Displaced Person in Southeastern Part of Bangladesh.

ISDE Bangladesh aspires to create a poverty and hunger-free, just society of educated, socio-economically developed and environmentally-friendly people.

To facilitate socio-economic change in the lives of disadvantaged people, particularly women and children, in the southeast of Bangladesh through the promotion of income and employment generation activities, health services, education, peace building, climate change, disaster risk reduction and awareness raising.

Establishing an positive environment for the hardcore and disadvantaged people particularly women and children to be able to get organized, enhance capacity & skill for demand and ensure access to their rights and basic services for social, political, disaster management and economic empowerment.

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