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Background Information


Integrated Social Development Effort (ISDE) Bangladesh is a local non-profit non-political, non-religious, voluntary, social development organization working in the southeastern part of Bangladesh, including Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Rangamati, Kagrachari and Bandarban hill districts. ISDE Bangladesh was established in 1992, with the initiation of some like-minded social workers to serve the socio economically depressed & backward groups in the southeastern part of Bangladesh. It seeks to create self-sustaining rural communities through process of battling against rural drawback and the social economic energizing of the poor; such a process involves a number of suitable social and economic activities. ISDE Bangladesh is instrument in assisting the poor in working for their own developments instead of being the passive receive of it. It works in the identified rural and urban areas targeting sustainable social change that will contribute in ensuring a better life for the vulnerable people, with special emphasize to women and children. ISDE Bangladesh works adopting the target group development approach and most of the groups are associated with women members. It implements its all activities targeting on purpose to protect rights of the target women and children. It continues its all efforts to ISDE Bangladesh’s commitment through mainstreaming gender in a participatory development process. It collaborates with different local, national and international NGO’s and Government Departments in realizing their common goal of women empowerment, human rights, gender, environment, and education, rural and urban development.


It envisages a society with improved environment human dignity and security. Its mission is guided by people’s aspirations that significantly contributes in changing the existing socio-economic status of target groups; facilitate the need-based services focusing to reducing gender discrimination and improving environmental status that will yield poverty reduced better life by enhancing people’s capacities, initiatives and commitment followed by the principles of human rights, governance, gender and equity. Strengthen effective people’s participation at all stages of program designing, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation harnessing local and external resources that will contribute greatly in sustainable social change. ISDE Bangladesh works in line with Target Group Approach as well as Community Approach followed by the principles of human rights, good governance, gender sensitivity, equity and participation targeting poverty reduction. It gives equal emphasis to ISDE Bangladesh scheduled castes and ethnic groups as target groups.


ISDE Bangladesh grew to its present level by responding to the needs of the people. From 1993 ISDE started moving to a more exhaustive approach with resources and financial assistance from a number of development partners. ISDE Bangladesh has been gradually expanding its activities in more remote and neglected areas of the country.

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