Friday 29 September, 2023

History of Establishment


Naturally Cox’s Bazar is one of most resourceful and beautiful and largest sea beach in the world. Geographically it is different with any other part of the country. The reasons are, it is mixed with coastal, hill and plain land. The illiteracy rate is very low, high rate of school dropout, high rate of population growth and maternal morbidity and mortality, poor nutrition status, sanitation and health status is very poor than other part of the country. However, it is very resourceful and national tourism and healthy city of the country. The different nature of the geographical situation all the resource and asset hold by the a few persons and most of the people are haveless. The moneylender exploited and tortured many ways to the poor and haveless. The imbalance situation and social injustice was made huge number of questions for the collage going student Mr. S. M Nazer Hossain. He tried to assists poor people in his native village, but after one year the initiatives was stopped by the conspiracy of local elite and landlords. His initiatives were started through establishment of local branch of Jatio Tarun Sangha (JTS) a national youth organization. He never stops his mission and he was trying to continue his efforts to assist most needy people through collective efforts. The effort was highly appreciated by the renowned physician, social worker and National Professor and Founder of University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC) Dr. Nurul Islam and Dr. M A Sukur from Mowlabi Bazar. When Dr. Nurul Islam was visited Cox’s Bazar he meets with Mr. Nazer and his team and given guidance and encouragement. It has conducted a number of anti smoking and drug campaign activities and after 1991 devastating cyclone’s relief and rehabilitation program the community demanding for continuous services. After successful implementation of the few activities, there is created a felt need to develop a professional development organization, which more specialized and development oriented. The process was become institutionalization by the gradual run of various activities and finally 1st November 1992 on the occasion of National Youth Day of Bangladesh by the active initiation of some devoted development workers and researchers Integrated Social Development Effort (ISDE) Bangladesh was began its steps to participate the process of build up illiteracy, hunger and poverty free society.

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