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Track Record of Experiences

Details of information and record of receiving funds and result of activities


Integrated Social Development Effort (ISDE) Bangladesh has been able to establish itself as an experienced development institution over last 16 years since its inception in 1992. Its potency in social mobilization and efforts for people’s institution building are worth mentioning. In the meantime, it has consolidated its position within a large number of target groups as well as community of development agencies. It has earned reputation and admiration in the community of poor by virtue of its firm commitment and hard efforts. The organization has been able to develop partnerships with a good number of Development Funding Agencies. The information of some implemented project of ISDE Bangladesh is given in the following table:


Name of the Project/ activities Area/Location (Thana /Union) of program intervention Funding volume Date of Implementation/intervention Supported by (donor /Community/Self-help) Target Group /Population Main activities /Scope of Services under this project
Non Formal Adult Education Program Chakaria, Cox’s Bazar. 15,50,015/- 1992-95 MEP/INFEP Adult illiterates age (15-35) female and male –    Motivation & awareness raising

–    Adult literacy

–    Teachers training

Promotion of Awareness through Public Library Chakaria Cox’s Bazar 125,000/- 1993-94 MoCA, GOB Community people, students, service holders –    Awareness raising

–    Library services

–    Reference services

Adolescent Education Program Chakaria, Cox’s Bazar. 1,550,015/- 1994-97 INFEP/UNICEF Adolescent age group (12-18) female girls –    Motivation & awareness raising

–    Family life Education

–    Adolescent education

–    Teachers training

Homestead Gardening & Nutrition Education. Chakaria- Cox’s Bazar & Alikadam- Bandarban hill district 1,060,000/- 1995-1998 HKI Bangladesh Marginal farmers




–    Awareness raising on Nutrition.

–    Training & technical assistance,

–    Homestead gardening.

–    Nursery development.

–    Nutrition education

Conscientization Program Alikadam- Bandarban hill district. 1,011,029/- 1994-1997 APHD-Thailand. Adibashi & ethnic minority female and male

Hilly poor people


–    Awareness raising.

–    Group formation & development

–    Human & skill development training,

–    Workshop & seminar.

–    Adult education.

–    Health education.

–    Credit for IGAs etc

Poverty Alleviation through Access in Local Resources Chakaria- Cox’s Bazar 15,50,000/- 2000-2003 PROSHIKA-DFID Poor women at the undeserved areas –    Awareness raising of poor.

–    Human & skill training,

–    Seminar & workshop.

–    Adult education.

–    Legal Education

–    Peoples Cultural Program.

–    Credit for IGAs

Women Employment Generation Through Micro-credit Program Chakaria, Moheshkhali- Cox’s Bazar, Lama & Alikadam-Bandarban, Banshkhali, & Chittagong City of Chittagong 97,50,000/- 1994-2001(Ongoing APHD/AAB/PROSHIKA/Population Concern Poor women at undeserved areas –    Awareness rising of poor.

–    Organization development

–    Savings accumulation

–    Human & skill training,

–    Credit for IGAs.

Technical support for IGAs.

Prevention of Child & Women Trafficking Chakaria, Teknaf, Ukhia- Cox’s Bazar district 4,25,000/- 1998-2002 ATSEC/Red Barnet/BSAF. Community people

School students

Imam & religious leaders

UP Chairmen & members

Teachers, parents

–    Awareness rising of poor.

–    Union & ward traffic watch committee formation

–    Workshop & seminar

–    Community based education & information dissemination

ISDE-CARE SHABGE Partnership Project Chakaria-Cox’s Bazar & Alikadam- Bandarban hill district 52,50,100/- 2000-2005 CARE- DFID Marginal female framers

Working with women


–    Awareness raising & motivation.

–    Technical training for homestead production, Food & livelihood security

–    Homestead vegetable gardening.

–    Poultry & Livestock rearing Vaccination,

–    Seed and seedling distribution.

–    Poultry and livestock, fisheries

Environment Development through Participatory Social Forestation Program. Chakaria, Moheshkhali- Cox’s Bazar Lama & Alikadam- Bandarban hill district 3500MT wheat.



1994-2000 FD/WFP Hardcore poor and destitute women –    Awareness rising of poor.

–    Group formation.

–    Beneficiary Training

–    Road side plantation

–    Block Plantation

–    Nursery development

–    Credit support for alternative IGAs.

Basic Education for Hard to Reach Working Children Program. Chittagong and Dhaka Municipal Corporation areas. 53,23,000/- 19988-2003 DNFE/UNICEF Urban working & street Children –    Motivation and Awareness raising.

–    Teacher and staff Training

–    Basic education.

–    Counseling.

–    Health and hygiene education.

–    Cultural functions.

–    Games and sports.

Food Security & Coastal Embankment Maintenance Program Chakaria & Teknaf of Cox’s Bazar, Banshkhali of Chittagong district 4500MT wheat.



1996-2003 BWDB/World Food Program (WFP) Coastal hardcore poor and destitute women –    Motivation and Awareness raising.

–    Livelihood Training support

–    Embankment maintenance.

–    Food security & alternative IGAs.

–    Integrated with NGOs activities.

–    Credit for IGAs.

Non-Formal Adult Education Program. Chakaria, Moheshkhali, Teknaf Ukhia – Cox’s Bazar, Lama-Bandarban, Banshkhali, Fatickcahari, Mirersharai- Chittagong, Khawkhali- Rangamati, Matiranga- Kagrachari 125,70,000/- 1995-2002 DNFE/World Bank/ADB/ UNDP. Adult illiterates age(15-35) female and male


–    Motivation and Awareness raising.

–    Teachers Training

–    Supervisors’ training.

–    Basic literacy.

–    Continuing education.

–    Functional education

Integrating Disability in Community Development Moheshkhali- Cox’s Bazar 150,000/- 2000-2002 CDD Person with Disabilities (PWDs) –    Motivation and Awareness raising.

–    Family based counseling

–    Physical treatment

–    Alternative IGAs

–    Social rehabilitation

Flood Rehabilitation Program Chakaria- Cox’s Bazar 1273,880/- 1997-98 Action Aid Bangladesh Flood affected poor people –    Housing grants

–    Medical support

–    Motivation and Awareness raising.

–    Interest free Credit support

Emergency Program for Cyclone Victim Chakaria- Cox’s Bazar 874,000/- 1997 Tear Fund, Australia /CDS Flood affected poor people –    Housing grants

–    Medical support

–    Motivation and Awareness raising.

–    Interest free Credit support

Community based Disaster Preparedness Program. Chakaria, Moheshkhali-Cox’s Bazar & Banshkhali- Chittagong district 5,50,000/- 2000-2003 Concern Bangladesh Coastal poor people

Group members

Union & Upazila DMC members


–    Motivation and Awareness raising.

–    Disaster preparedness training to the group members/ community people

–    Union contingencies plan

–    Staff training

–    Awareness raising on Arsenic mitigation

–    Tube well screening.

Safe Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Project Chakaria- Cox’s Bazar, Lama & Alikadam- Bandarban hill district 45,00,000


1991-2001 NGO Forum for DWSS Poor community people



Religious leaders


–    Motivation and Awareness raising.

–    Tube well installation.

–    Ring Well installation

–    PSF, Rain Water Harvesting IRP installation

–    Latrine production and supply.

Non Formal Primary Education (NFPE) Chakaria, Cox’s Bazar 2771,581 1994-2008 BRAC-ESP Poor and school drop out children


–    Motivation and education.

–    Training.

–    Education.

–    Extra-curriculum activities.

Tribal Children Education Program Alikadam- Bandarban hill district 160,000/- 1996 BICE Switzerland Adibashi children –    Motivation & education

–    Basic primary education

–    Teachers training

Democracy & Civic Education Chakaria- Cox’s Bazar, Banshkhali & Chittagong City 123,500/- 1998-2001 FEMA/PROSHIKA Community peoples –    Awareness raising

–    Voter education

–    Democracy education

Human Rights & Election Monitoring. Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong & Chittagong hill district 13,29,000 1991 & 2001 CCHRB/VOTE/FEMA Community people, voter, local governance, journalist –    Election observation

–    Volunteer training

–    Reporting.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Legal Education Program. Chakaria-Cox’s Bazar 2,50,000 1998-2000 MLAA/TAF. Poor people,



UP Chairman & members

–    Motivation and legal education.

–    Volunteer /mediation committee members training.

–    Legal education.

–    Legal support.

–    Conflict resolution

Integrated Primary health Care and MCH Program. Chakaria- Cox’s Bazar 5,052,323 1994-1998 Population Concern UK/CDS Poor people,

Adolescent, girls, 1-5 year Children,

Pregnant women, Students

Religious leaders, TBAs

Traditional Rural Practitioners


–    Health education & motivation

–    ANC & PNC service

–    ARI & EPI

–    Safe deliver & TBA

–    Hygiene education.

–    Curative health services.

–    Growth monitoring & MUAC.

–    Family planning education & contraceptive supply.

–    Nutrition education & Balance Diet demonstration.

–    Clinical services.

–    Medicine support

Community Health Care Program. Do 12,25,000 1997-2001 Irish Aid/DFA/CARE-SAFER Poor people,

Adolescent girls, 1-5 year Children

Pregnant women,



Religious leaders, RMPs,


–    Health education

–    Behavior change communication

–    Child to child session

–    Court yard session for women

–    Technical assistance to community.

–    Health education & motivation and education.

Participatory Primary Health Care Program Cox’s Bazar Sadar and Ramu under Cox’s Bazar district 254,50,000 2001-2004 Concern Universal/ European Union Poor community people

Adolescent girls, 1-5 year Children, Pregnant women, Students,

Religious leaders


Traditional Rural Practitioners


–    Health education & awareness raising.

–    STD/HIV prevention and malaria control

–    Safe delivery, ANC, PNC, ARI

–    Support for community initiatives of Tube-well installation & Latrine installation

–    ARI & EPI

–    Safe deliver & TBA

–    Curative health services.

–    Growth monitoring & MUAC.

–    Family planning education & contraceptive supply.

–    Clinical & medicine support

Community Based Water Supply and Sanitation Chakaria, Moheshkali, Cox’s Bazar, Alikadam & Lama Bandarban hill, Banshkali & Chittagong City corporation Cash & Materials support(as required) 1992- NGO Forum for DWSS Poor community people

Child & Adolescent girls, 1-5 year Children, Students,

Religious leaders

–    Production & distributed ring slab for installation of pit latrine,

–    Tube well and ring well,

–    Pond Sand Filter (PSF),

–    Rain Water Harvesting installation for safe drinking water.

–    Personal health and hygiene education through courtyard meeting,

–    Child-to-child school and community,

–    Adolescent workshop,

–    School video film show,

–    Religious leader workshop, community meeting, mobile film show etc

Arsenic Related Awareness Raising and Mitigation program. Chakaria-Cox’s Bazar 310,000/- 2000-2002 Concern Bangladesh Group members –    Awareness raising.

–    Tube well screening.

–    Tube well labeling

–    Bucket distribution.

NGO Networking & Partnership Chittagong & Cox’s Bazar district 2576,000/- 1999-2008 Steps/SIDA Local NGOs & CBOs –    Coordination among local NGOs

–    Information sharing

–    Capacity building support

–    Staff development support

Coastal Green Belt Project Chakaria- Cox’s Bazar & Lama of Bandarban hill district 13,20,000/- 1999-2004 FD/ADB Poor community people –    Motivation & awareness raising

–    Beneficiaries training.

–    Road & Embankment plantation & caretaking

–    Sharing of benefits amongst the beneficiaries

Empowerment of Coastal fishing communities for Livelihood Security on Disaster Management Chakaria & Pekua Upazila- Cox’s Bazar 5332,000/- 2003-2005 FAO/UNDP /ECFC Coastal fishing communities –    Village disaster preparedness committee formation,

–    DMP & RR training

–    Contingencies plan preparation

–    Year round disaster education

–    Develop local volunteers

–    Signal and warning

Pine apple based Multi strata Fruit Garden project Chakaria & Moheshkali 10,00,000/- 2002-03 ASIRP/DFID Poor & marginal farmers –    Demonstration plot establishment

–    Training & technical support

–    Documentary film preparation

Polyculture of Tilapia and Sea bass Chakaria 310,000/- 2002-03 SUFER-DFID/Chittagong University Poor fry catchers and fishing people –    Demonstration pond establishment

–    Training and follow up support to small farmers

Feeder Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance & Integrated Food Security. Banshkali, Chittagong 510,000/- 2002-5 LGED/WFP Coastal hardcore and destitute poor –    LCS formation

–    Training & technical support

–    Food security and wages Food security & alternative IGAs.

–    Integration of hardcore with NGOs activities.

–    Credit for IGAs.

Action Against Child & Women Trafficking at Chittagong district Chittagong district 320,000/- 2003-2004 SCD/ATSEC Bangladesh Local NGOs, CBO and educational institutions –    Awareness raising

–    Social mobilization

–    School students orientation

–    Teachers & parents orientation

–    Community orientation

STD/HIV Prevention Program for Urban Slum People at Chittagong Hazarilane, Bow bazar, Badiartek, Lalkan Bazar, Mati Zarna, Moahara industrial areas of Chittagong Metropolitan city 620,000/- 20003-2004 WHO/CCC & ISDE Urban slum dwellers

Adolescent girls

Injection Users



–    Awareness raising

–    Health Education

–    Clinical & diagnostic support

–    Counseling and motivation support

–    Individual contact

–    Social rehabilitation

Access to Justice and Good Governance Programme Cox’s Bazar 675,900/- 2005-2006 MLAA/BHC Rural women, local governments, CSO people –    Alternative dispute resolution,

–    Strengthen village court,

–    ADR & mediation,

–    Capacity development of CBOs and Union Parishad

–    Strengthening Village Court at Union Parishad level

Early Childhood and Development Chittagong Cox’s Bazar 475,000/- 2005-2006 Nayantara/AMC/USAID Poor women and men parents where there is no electricity –    Information and education on ECD, personal health and hygiene,

–    Court yard meeting, orientation

Gender Concept Dissemination at Grass root; Social Change for Social Actors Chittagong Cox’s Bazar 1875,900/- 2005-2007 CIDA/Steps/CSDF Women, social entrepreneurs, high school students –    Develop GCA from women, social entrepreneur and student

–    School and community based campaign on reduce gender related discrimination

–    Responsive rural and urban CSDI and governance

Democracy, Good Governance & civic Education, Election Monitoring Programme Chittagong & Cox’s Bazar 1015,700/- 2006-07 BCJDC/EWG Citizen and & voters and local administration –    Preparation of pre election situation report

–    Selection of poll observer

–    Formation of committee to protect violence and oriented them

–    Voter education (rally, human chain, miking, community meeting, poster leaflet distribution)

Anti Corruption Campaign Cox’s Bazar 590,000/- 2009-210 PROGATI/USAID Citizen Committee members, service delivery institutions –    Citizen Committee formation

–    Survey and finding

–    Public hearing

–    Discussion with local Government, service delivery institutions

–    conduct survey and dissemination

–    Conduct campaign against Corruption

Reaching Out of School Children (ROSC) Cox’s Bazar 66,54,2500/-(for one year) 2010-2014 PMED/World bank/SDC Poor and school dropout children


–    Motivation and education.

–    Training

–    Basic Primary Education.

–    Extra-curriculum activities for drooped out children

Upholding Dalit Human Rights through inclusion in the Census- 2011 Chittagong 256560/- 2010-2011 SHAREE Dalits communities –    Advocacy

–    Mobilization

–    Discussion with local Government, service delivery institutions

Climate Risk Reduction & Adaptation Chittagong & Cox’s Bazar 15,45,000/- 2010-2014 CSRL/OXFAM Coastal and hilly communities –    Campaign and lobbing on climate related issues

–    Advocacy

–    Mobilization

–    Community capacity building

Campaign for Safety Food Movement Chittagong & Cox’s Bazar 12,45,000/- 2010-2014 CAB, FAO Children, Women communities, consumers –    Advocacy

–    Awareness raising

–    Public hearing

–    School campaign

–    Healthy markets

Emergency food support for flood affected people in south east Bangladesh Chakaria-Cox’s Bazar 48,62512/- 2012 Concern Universal/ Cordaid Flood victims, widow, distressed and emphasis to women –    Emergency food support

–    Cash grants

–    Motivation and Awareness rising.

–    Livelihood support


Children’s Rights to Family campaign Chittagong & Cox’s Bazar 2,15,000/-+ technical support 2011-2014 Civil Society Alliance for Child Rights in South Asia/Aparajeyo Bangladesh Children, Women, parents, civil society, elected local government bodies, media, trade union, law enforcing agencies, administration, service providers, NGOs –    Awareness raising on CR

–    Capacity development of CSO people

–    Art & debate competition

–    Campaign on CR Violence issues

–    Family based campaign on CRC

–    Day observation on CR

–    Issues based demonstration

–    Media campaign

–    Advocacy and lobbing with local CSDIs

Capacity Building on Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Project Chittagong & Cox’s Bazar 456,000/- 2010-2014 Concern Universal/Cordaid Netherlands Coastal disaster vulnerable communities –    CMDRR committee formation

–    Capacity development of CMDRR committee

–    Model village development

–    Disaster risk mitigation

–    Initiated Community led development models

Integrated Water Management Project for Community People Cox’s Bazar 65,50,000/- 2014-2021 RDA Bogra Rural households


Domestic households

–    Water supply to farmers

–    Household water supply

–    Bio gas for households

–    Livestock firming

–    Credit support for agriculture

Recognizing Women farmers contribution in Bangladesh Chittagong 3,00,000/- 2014-2015 OXFAM Female farmers, policy makers, CSO, journalists, LEB –    Advocacy for female farmers

–    Networking

–    Marketing access for female farmers

–    Access in credit & capital support

Pre-Primary Education Coaching and Computer Literacy Initiatives Chittagong 2756,900/- 2015-17 Dopeace, USA Urdu speaking non Banglali community children –    Pre primary education

–    Basic primary education

–    Coaching for primary students

–    Computer literacy

–    Awareness raising and motivation

–    Lifelong education

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