Thursday 13 June, 2024

ISDE Handing Over New Houses to Cyclone MOCHA victims in Moheshkhali

30 Mar 2024 | 12: 35 pm

Mr. Khaled Morshed, focal person of BRAC Cyclone Mocha Response Team, said in the event, coastal Moheshkhali Upazila is very vulnerable to any natural climate and disaster, but it is difficult to reach the affected people due to lack of communication and hard to reach. The non- governmental development agency ISDE has been operating here for a long time. For this reason BRAC has partnership with ISDE to help reach cyclone MOCHA victims. ISDE team has made efforts are made to reach the actual affected population.

Under the initiative of the non-governmental social development organization ISDE Bangladesh, with the cooperation of BRAC and support from Australian Aid(DFAT), new houses have been handed over to the homeless people affected by cyclone Mocha. The new house was handed over in an informal ceremony on the eve of Independence Day, 26 March 2024. BRAC Cyclone Mocha Response Team Focal Person Mr. Khaled Morshed, Kalamarchhara Union Panel and Acting Chairman Mr. Abu Ahmed, ISDE Bangladesh Executive Director and CAB Central Committee Vice President Mr. S M Nazer Hossain, Mrs. Amena Begum female UP member of Kalamarchara Union Parishad, BRAC HCMP Cox’s Bazar Project Manager Mr. Sirajul Islam, Project Technical Officer Engineer Mr. Saiful Islam, ISDE Bangladesh Program Coordinator Md Jahangir Alam, Project Engineer Mr. Maruful Islam, ISDE Bangladesh Rohingya Response Cox’s Bazar Head Md Jasim Uddin Siddiqui, ISDE Finance and Administration Officer Md SanaUllah, ISDE Moheshkhali Upazila Manager Mr. Manzoor Alam and others were present on the occasion of handing over the new house to Mrs. Kohinur Akter in West Adharghona area of Kalamarchhara Union of Maheshkhali Upazila.

Panel and Acting Chairman of Kalamarchhara Union Mr. Abu Ahmed said, thanked them for conducting such humanitarian activities with the help of non-governmental development organization ISDE and BRAC. A complete house is gifted on a very limited budget. At the same time, the program was implemented in coordination with the local government institutions and public representatives, and the actual victims received assistance, for which they are grateful. However, the number of affected people is very high, so he strongly demanded to increase the amount of assistance. Executive Director of ISDE Bangladesh and Vice President of CAB Central Committee Mr. S M Nazer Hossain said that under the Cyclone Mocha Response Project with the help of BRAC and Australian Aid (DFAT), he expressed his gratitude to BRAC for involving ISDE in implementing the rehabilitation program for the people affected by Cyclone Mocha in Kalamarchhara Union of Moheshkhali Upazila. He also said that coastal Moheshkhali Upazila is neglected and deprived in many ways. At the same time, due to the ongoing government and private mega projects in the electricity sector, it is difficult to live here, the environment is under threat and the number of refugees is constantly increasing. It was very difficult to select the real victims with the cooperation of local representatives and local people but due to limited capacity it had to be done. Ms. Kahinur Akhtar of West Adharghona area of Kalamarchara Union, who bought a new house, said in his response that he could not afford to build his own house due to the loss of his husband. As a result, he lost his home and was forced to live a miserable life. ISDE has provided shelter there as a rescuer, so I will be eternally grateful to them.

It is noted that with the non-governmental development organization ISDE in cooperation with BRAC and Australian Aid(DFAT), has constructed 08 new houses, 11 houses were repaired, 14 tube well platforms were built, 18 new sanitary toilets were installed among the affected people in Kalamarchhara Union of Moheskhali Upazila, Cox’s Bazar district.

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