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Major Program Name of Activities
Women Development Program (WDP) €    Organization Building of Poor & Development,

€    Human Resources & Skill Development Training,

€    Women Employment & Income Generation,

€    Micro-credit and Savings Accumulation

Non Formal Education (NFE) €    Non Formal Primary Education,

€    Adolescent Education,

€    Non Formal Adult Education,

€    Basic Education for Hart to Reach Working Children

€    Post Literacy & Continuing Education,

Health Services  & Population Development


€   Primary Health Care and MCH,

€   Homestead Vegetable Gardening & Nutrition Education,

€   Safe Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation,

€   STD/AIDS Prevention & Education,

€   Integrating Disability Issues in Community Development

Climate Change & Environment Development €   Nursery Development & Training

€   Participatory Social Forestation,

€   Strengthening Household Access to Bari Gardening Extension (SHABGE)

€   Fisheries & Livestock Development,

€   Nature & Environment Education

€   Popularizing Multi strata Fruit Garden at Denuded Hilly Areas

€   Capacity building of community to adaptation with Climate Change issues

Integrated Rural Development Program


€   Coastal Embankment Maintenance Program,

€   Coastal Fishing Community Development Program,

€   Integrated Food Security and Feeder Road maintenance Program

€   Community Low Cost Housing Program,

€   Democracy & Legal Education Program,

€   Empowerment of Coastal Fishing Communities–Disaster Preparedness

€   Community Based Disaster Preparedness & Management Program,

€   Tribal/Adhibasihi Community Development Program,

€   Responsive Governance & Gender Justice Project

€   Action Against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children,

Urban Community Development Program


€   Organization development of slum dwellers,

€   Women Income & Employment Generation,

€   Elimination of Child Labour & Welfare of Working & Street Children,

€   Promotion of Urban Health & Hygiene.

€   STD/HIV Prevention Program for Urban Slum People at Chittagong

€   ISDE Child Development Program.

€   Gender Mainstreaming & Women Access to local Government.

Youth Development Peace and Voluntarism €   Youth engaged in nation building activities

€   Adolescent reproductive health

€   Youth information and resource centre

€   Organize Work camps at rural areas

€    Promote village volunteers

€   Campaign for Non Violent Peace Culture

€   ICT for youth and adolescent


Ongoing Activities/Projects:


Name and address of the donor/ partner Supported programme Since Project location Kind of support
CARE-SHABGE-DFID SHABGE-DFID 2000 Chakaria Financial and technical support
UNDP/FAO/ECFC /GOB Disaster Preparedness Program for fishing Communities 2002 Chakaria Financial and technical support
Concern Bangladesh Community Based Disaster Preparedness Program 2000 Chakaria, Moheshkali, Banskhali Financial technical & materials
BRAC Non Formal Primary Education 1994 Chakaria Financial and technical support
Institute of Marine Science, Chittagong University (DFID/SUFER) Poli culture of Tilapia fish extension program 2003 Chakaria Financial and technical support
ATSEC/USAID Anti Child & women trafficking Program 2000 Chakaria


Financial and technical support
European Union, DFID, Irish Aid/Concern Universal Primary Health Care Programme 2001 Cox’s Bazar Financial & technical support
NGO Forum for Public Health Water Supply and Sanitation 1993 Chakaria Financial & technical, Materials
WFP/LGED Food Security for Rural hardcore poor women 1995 Banskhali Financial +wheat grant
CSDF/Steps Gender mainstreaming & Women Access to Local Government 2000 Chittagong/Chakaria Technical & financial support
Steps Towards Development NGO networking & partnership 2000 Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar Technical & financial support
Forest Department Coastal Greenbelt Project/Forestry Sector Project 1999 Cox’s Bazar


Technical & financial support
MLAA/BHC Access to Justice and Good Governance Programme 2005-2006 Cox’s Bazar Technical & financial support
Nayantara/AMC/USAID Early Childhood and Development 2005-2006 Chittagong Cox’s Bazar Technical & financial support
CIDA/Steps/CSDF Gender Concept Dissemination at Grass root; Social Change for Social Actors 2005-2007 Chittagong Cox’s Bazar Technical & financial support
BCJDC/EWG Democracy, Good Governance & civic Education, Election Monitoring Programme 2006-07 Chittagong & Cox’s Bazar Technical & financial support
PROGATI/USAID-Democracy watch Anti Corruption Campaign 2009-2014 Cox’s Bazar Technical & financial support
PMED/World bank/SDC Reaching Out of School Children (ROSC) 2010-2014 Cox’s Bazar Technical & financial support
CSRL/OXFAM Climate Change Risk Reduction & adaptation 2010-15 Chittagong & Cox’s Bazar Technical & financial support
SHAREE Campaign for Basic rights of Dalit Communities 2010-2012 Chittagong Technical & financial support
Civil Society Alliance for Child Rights in South Asia/Aparajeyo Bangladesh Children Rights to Family 2011-2014 Chittagong Technical and financial support
Concern Universal/Cordaid Netherlands Capacity Building on Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Project January 2010-2014 Chittagong & Cox’s Bazar Technical and financial support
DoPeace USA Pre-Primary Education Coaching and Computer Literacy Initiatives June 2015 Chittagong Financial and Technical support


Banking information:

The principal banking transactions are made through the following bank and account number; Eastern Bank Ltd (EBL), Jublee Road Branch, Chittagong, Bangladesh, title is Integrated Social Development Effort (ISDE) Bangladesh, number A/C, 0003107000-5950.


Compendium Data of Current Program


Integrated Women Income & Employment Generation Program

ISDE Bangladesh is mainly involved in building organizations & development of the poorest of the poor people of rural, urban and hilly areas to habituated with savings generation and provides credit support to undertake income and self-employment generation activities.  Side by side it provides human and skill development training to the beneficiaries members as well as the clients to create awareness about various social issues, develop human and leadership quality and professional skills. ISDE has already nursing 600 groups and become group member size is 12125, a total Tk.7162885 has accumulate as savings and individual savings become Tk1500-10500. Tk.39033000 has been distributed as credit for income generation to the 9890 group members and outstanding size are Tk.8356033.


If the flood, cyclone or any natural disaster affected the existing beneficiaries’ IGAs schemes are able to get disaster credit support (interest free loan) to rehabilitate their IGAs. The group members who already received two times credit support from ISDE but they have no sanitation facilities in their household are able to get sanitation credit to install the latrine. ISDE also thinks to provide low cost housing credit for the beneficiaries.  It also distributed Tk.25,000 as grant from welfare fund to the group member’s family, who becomes death.

NON-FORMAL Education Program (NFE)

NFE program is responsible for increase the literacy rate in the operational areas. NFE is implement adult literacy, adolescent and children education. ISDE-BD has been successfully completed 20 NFPE center for 600 children (including the hilly tribal children & fishing community) and open another 10 school for 300 children learners. The 90 adolescent centers for 2700 learners successfully completed.  Currently 525 centers are running to giving literacy & numeric education to the 15750 adult learners and the completed center become 1142 and learners 34260.


ISDE Bangladesh has initiated special program to create awareness amongst the tribal people and children about the importance of education in the hilly areas with the help BICE, Switzerland. The main aim of the activities was to create awareness about education and attract the school for the tribal children. ISDE is thinking to develop extra curriculum and activities for the tribal children. ISDE also involved providing basic education and rehabilitation support to eradicate illiteracy amongst the working and street children in Chittagong and Dhaka Metropolitan City. Under this program ISDE promote child rights and combat child trafficking and rehabilitation of the working and street children at slum areas. It has already successfully completed 75 centers for 2250 hard to reach urban working children at Chittagong & Dhaka City and another 45 centers are finished successfully.


Parents/Caregiver Training for Early Childhood Development: Training or workshops is important to change attitude and behavior of the people and level of knowledge. For this reason ISDE Bangladesh has initiated to trained and orient the parents who are untouched by the modern civic facilities like TV, cable network facilities and even updated knowledge on personal health and hygiene, disability, CRC and ECD with the help of Sisimpur outreach Program. Sismpur outreach developed training or material to improve parents perception on health, hygiene and nutrition, CRC and childhood disability. ISDE Bangladesh has been successfully implemented the Sisimpur Outreach Program with the help of Nayntara Communication.

Reaching Out of School Children-ROSC: ISDE Bangladesh is running Sixty Five non-formal Ananda schools at Moheshkali Upazila under Cox’s Bazar district as part of a Reaching Out of School Children-ROSC program of Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MoPME), Government of Bangladesh under the support from World Bank and SDC. The project activities are started from on 1st June 2010. The project is set to be completed by 2014. Around 2275 students are enrolled in these schools. It is being implemented by Directorate of Primary Education, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education. Most of the students are drop-out male and female from the coastal island of the Moheshkali Upazila, under Cox’s Bazar district. ISDE Bangladesh is acting as Education Service Provider (ESP) Organization to run the Project activities.

Pre-Primary Education Coaching and Computer Literacy Initiatives:

Pre-Primary Education Coaching and Computer Literacy Initiatives activities was started in June 2015 under the technical and financial support from DoPeace USA. Under this project ISDE provide pre-primary, tutorial coaching  to most disadvantaged, displaced Urdu speaking bihari communities at Roufabad, Zawtola , Segun bagab and SB Nagar bihari camp under Chittagong city corporation areas.  ISDE Bangladesh running 6 multi-purpose learning center for the most disadvantaged and neglected children who are deprived from education and other basic rights. ISDE providing pre-primary education to 540 children of 4-6 years ages and Tutorial coaching to 720 Urdu speaking bihary students who are studying in nearest schools from Class- two to Five.  Dr. Shahid Ahmed renown philanthropist and Chairman DoPeace has raised money from individuals in USA to run the schools. Many Bangladeshi philanthropists established schools, mosque, madrasa, orphanage etc for the welfare of the poorest community by their own. But nobodies try to understand there is some displaced community in the modern city with a very painful living condition which may be called inhuman condition very measurable life without any modern basic facilities. Mr. Shahid and his DoPeace team come forward to support these neglected displaced communities from long distance United State of America-USA. Now it has planned to started ICT and computer education for young girls in the camps.


Safe Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation Program (SWSSP)

Due to coastal and hill areas hardship life, safe drinking water and sanitation is most difficult and essential services. ISDE promote the safe drinking water supply, personal health and hygiene practices and improve the environmental health and sanitation status of the beneficiaries through providing hardware and software support for the community people. The hard ware packages are produced and distributed ring slab for installation of pit latrine, tube well and ring well, Pond Sand Filter (PSF), Rain Water Harvesting installation for safe drinking water. The personal health and hygiene education support provide through courtyard meeting, child-to-child school and community, adolescent workshop, school video film show, religious leader workshop, community meeting, mobile film show etc. It has installed 03 deep tube well installed with the support of individuals from UK.

Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction Program (CMDRRP)

ISDE–BD has been providing support to strengthening the capacity and skill of the community people to reduced unexpected death and effects and vulnerability of disaster. ISDE’s operational areas face two types of disaster i.e cyclone and hilly flash flood is the common culture. The services are year round disaster education and awareness to the community, community level action plan for preparedness, disaster preparedness & response training for staff, community leaders, volunteers and beneficiaries and contingencies plan preparation, post disaster response, rehabilitation etc. It has developing village level Disaster Preparedness Committee of its working areas and also providing training to the Government initiated Union and Upazila level Disaster Management Committees. ISDE-BD has distributed food grain to the victim, emergency medical service and long-term rehabilitation support like housing, water and sanitation, agricultural and credit support for victims. Now it has trying to activate and enhance capacity of the Upazila and Union level disaster management committees by joint efforts.

Upholding Food Security & Livelihood Development Program for Ultra Poor (UFSLDP)

ISDE-BD’s development mission is to facilitate the empowerment of disadvantaged women specially the ultra poor of the targeted working areas. Creation of employment and income generation is essential to poverty alleviation and empowerment. ISDE Bangladesh has promoted a new initiative, the Routine Maintenance Program (RMP), which was developed by the WFP/BWDB to ensure food security for the coastal ultra poor women through creating short-term employment. ISDE-BD started its activities in financial year 1996-1997. The BWDB assisted project is finished 2002 and ISDE included with LGED supported Feeder Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation and Food Security Program. The project strategies provide women with year-round employment in regular routine maintenance activities through which the cost of embankment maintenance will be reduced. The women also form groups and are provided with training to help them become self-reliant.  To ensure the sustainable development of the women, ISDE-BD has tried to integrate its activities with those of local government departments and NGOs. Savings and credit facilities will remain in place once the Embankment Maintenance Groups (EMGs) and now it become with LGED and called as Labour Contracting Society (LCS) have ceased activities. ISDE facilitate the sustainable embankment management, reduce the cost for earthwork and create self-employment opportunities for coastal distressed women, which promote the food security of coastal ultra poor women group. Currently ISDE covered the 115-Km coastal embankment under maintenance activities. 275 destitute women get employment through involving care taking and maintenance of embankment. ISDE tries to involve these ultra poor to integrate with the sustainable human development and poverty alleviation activities through providing training, education and credit.  Currently the individual savings of the vulnerable women become Tk.8050.


ISDE also has undertaken Integrated Food Security and Feeder Road Maintenance Program under the support from LGED and WFP. The major services are provides by the project are year round development awareness and education, professional skill development training and access to alternative income generation and credit for ensuring food security of the hard core poor and promote their sustainability.

Climate Change:

ISDE Bangladesh has been implementing a number of activities to response the climate changes issues of the targeted people and it has integrated the climate change issues with its ongoing programme. It has become an active member of Climate Action Network-South Asia (CANSA), Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods-CSRL and NGO Coordination Council for Climate Change (NC4) networks. ISDE integrated nature and conservation education, livelihood of hardcore and coastal communities specially the fishing communities, disaster risk reduction, agricultural, coastal fishing community development programme etc with its normal programme in Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong hill tracts districts.

NGO Networking and Partnership Program (NGOSP)

To building better understanding on gender equity, environment and human rights and enhance the capacity and skills of locally developed NGOs, ISDE-BD has been working as lead NGO and secretariat of “Chittagong Social Development Forum (CSDF)” a local NGO & CSO network in Chittagong region. The activities are experience sharing & networking meeting, coordination with local NGO-NGOs and NGOs-GO administration, arrange workshops, staff development training, developing various manuals & procedures, information, experience & resource sharing amongst the members etc. It has also initiated to implement joint collaboration project with same models and criteria by the member NGOs. CSDF is now implementing a various activities at the selected 23 union & ward at Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar on Violence against women, Women’s political empowerment, sexual harassment, Early marriage, Birth registration and Marriage registration through developing Social Entrepreneurs, women activist, Students volunteers, student facilitator groups, local trainers groups etc from community at selected Union & Wards who will works as catalyst to change the community attitude and practice at grassroots level. It also initiated joint program on Child Access through Right & development and human rights and good governance issue jointly with the member NGOs.


Tribal Community Development Program (TCDP)

To develop the indigenous ethnic community people in Alikadam and Lama Upazila of Bandarban hill district, it was started a special program with the support from APHD Thailand from 1993. It hopes the activities will be expended at other part of the Chittagong Hill Tract (CHT) districts. The main activities are developed own organization, savings accumulation, credit for income generation, non-formal education, human and skill development training, tribal weaving and handicrafts. ISDE Bangladesh tries to integrate other essential services i.e. primary health care, safe water supply and sanitation, nutrition education, children education, social forestation to promote the welfare, peace and harmony amongst the tribal and non-tribal community people.

Good Governance & Human Rights Program (GGHRP)

To promote human rights and legal support to the victims ISDE provides education and legal support to the community people as well as victims. The initial stage program was run by the ISDE Bangladesh’s its own initiatives. Currently HRLE receive technical and financial assistance from MLAA/TAF, MSS, IDR, CCHRB and CDS. The activities are included civic education, election monitoring and formation mediation committee for alternative dispute resolution (ADR), training to the local mediation committees, legal awareness training and education, legal aid support to victims, capacity building of female UP members, networking of female UP members etc.  It also provides capacity development support to activate Village Court at UP level and provide support to proper run of it.

Coastal Fishing Community Development (CFCD)

Coastal Fishing community is one of the communities who still now untouched by the any development services by the GO & NGOs. ISDE Bangladesh has given especial emphasis to development of the most deserving communities. Coastal fisheries community those are most vulnerable group in the coastal areas who only depends on fishing with no alternative to survive. ISDE has been initiated to make alternative income generation opportunities for the fishing communities. The other services packages are health and MCH, water and sanitation, non-formal primary education activities for the welfare of the fisheries community development.


ISDE Bangladesh also becomes a partner of UNDP/FAO funded Empowerment of Coastal Fishing Community for Livelihood Security (ECFC) on Disaster Preparedness component at Chakaria and Pekua Upazila under Cox’s Bazar district. The main aim of the project is to empower the coastal fishing communities to response disaster. It will develop community skills to cope with disaster and identify alternative cooping mechanism.

HIV/STI Prevention and Education (HSPP)

STI/HIV/AIDS is one of the important growing health problems of the world. It also becomes more dangerous issue in Bangladesh. Under the Primary Health Care program, ISDE initiated health education, peer development, rally, workshops and orientation program to create awareness about STD/AIDS. ISDE Bangladesh also in collaboration with PCA a local NGO based in Chittagong undertake HIV prevention program for injecting drug users (IDU) by personal contact, counseling, peer education, treatment facilities, syringe supply, referral services and social rehabilitation of IDUs at urban slums areas of Chittagong.

Fisheries and Livestock Development Program (FLDP)

As geographical situation of the ISDE Bangladesh’s working areas, fisheries and livestock is one of the important agricultural products and maximum people depend on it to survive. It has initiated to provide training and demonstration support for the beneficiaries as well as the community people for uses modern and scientific technologies. Credit for capital formation and vaccine facilities were given for the group members. ISDE Bangladesh has undertaken pond excavation program and provides technical and credit supports to the farmers under the support from WFP and Fisheries department. To promote the alternatives of shrimp cultivation ISDE Bangladesh has initiated to implement “Poly-culture of Tilapia with Sea bass for the Utilization of Brown fields around Cox’s Bazar region” under supported by DFID/SUPER Project jointly with the Institute of Marine Science, University of Chittagong at Chakaria under Cox’s Bazar district. 12 demonstration ponds developed under this program. Practical training and others technical assistance are providing by the fisheries expert.

Regenerative Agriculture Program (RAP)

To promote sustainable regenerative agriculture and food safety ISDE Bangladesh provides training, education and demonstration service for the farmers. It also initiated to introduce with high yield variety seed and modern technology to produce more production. Under this program 2 central nurseries developed for the training and demonstration purpose through not using chemical pesticides and other chemical and used organic fertilizer. ISDE organizes training courses for the farmers with the help of DAE.


ISDE has implementing popularizing pineapple based multi-strata fruit garden at denuded hilly areas jointly with Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) and a local NGO with the support from ASIRP/DAE-DFID. This is an pilot program which is initiated by ISDE Bangladesh at the areas and it will promoted to other areas for promotion of agriculture production, food security, safety, alternative income generation and environment equilibrium at the areas.

Volunteer for Peace and Culture Program (VPCP)

To promote volunteerism in the rural areas for the welfare of under developed and needy community people, ISDE Bangladesh initiated to organize voluntary work camps, eye camp, disaster response and skill development training for the poor people through deploying local and international volunteers. The international volunteers provide voluntary service to implement the activities at the grass root level through skill transfer, long and short-term placement. Many internationals volunteer from France, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Venezuela, Scotland & Australia were served as a volunteer for ISDE. Some of them are serving, as worker of ISDE Bangladesh along with raising money for ISDE’s various program.

Campaign for Non Violent Peace Culture:

ISDE Bangladesh is implementing CNPC campaign with the joint collaboration of BDPC a national NGO working in the field of small arms control. ISDE is organizing campaign rally, workshop, roundtable, IEC materials distribution and raise voice to ratify the UN Plan of action on Small Arms control. It has arranged peace education at secondary schools and community women groups.  It has arranged campaign programme at Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Rangamati, Kagrachari and Bandarban hill district through its partner NGOs and Civil society organization in respective district.

Action Against Child & Women Trafficking (AACWT) & Child Labor:

To promote universal Child Rights Convention (UNCRC) and prevent child and women trafficking ISDE Bangladesh has undertaken various child rights and development activities at the working areas. It has initiated raising awareness about child trafficking, child development and child labors issues through workshop, rally, community meetings, training and IEC materials distribution etc. The anti child and women trafficking campaign activities also done through formation union and ward-level trafficking watch Committee of Chakaria, Moheshkali and Cox’s Bazar sadar Upazila a high-risk zone for trafficking with the technical support from UDDIPAN/Red Barnet and ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter. Child Club forms with the children from community and schools also covered the issues for child protection, participation and development. It has also initiated various activities to reduce child labor by providing basic education to hard to reach urban working and street children under support from UNICEF/DNFE. ISDE Bangladesh is now working as focal point for mobilizing local NGOs and educational institutes in anti trafficking movement at Chittagong district under ATSEC and USAID support. ISDE in cooperation with Nayantara Communication of Asiatic Marketing Co under USAID implementing ECD Shishimpur Model for trained up the untouched poor parents on health, education and personal hygiene related issues through courtyard meeting, orientation, documentary film show.  Student Volunteers groups are also work in selected educational institutions are covering VAW, BR, EM, DR and child protection development issues through child-to-child education and campaign progremme. ISDE also implementing Children’s Rights to Family campaign under Civil Society Alliance for Child Rights in South Asia and Aparajeyo Bangladesh in Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar districts.


Migration Rights and Development:

To promote migration rights and promote safe migration ISDE Bangladesh has undertaken various migration rights and development activities including advocacy with policy makers and GoB officials at the working areas. It has initiated raising awareness about safe migration, stop trafficking, campaign on migration rights and development issues through workshop, rally, community meetings, training and IEC materials distribution etc. The safe migration campaign activities running through formation union and ward-level trafficking watch Committee of Chakaria, Moheshkali and Cox’s Bazar sadar Upazila a high-risk zone for trafficking with the technical support from Red Barnet and ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter. It has been working for safe migration from the very beginning. It has also working to promote migration rights and social integration of returnees. The other activities are safe migration, skill and awareness raising training for migrants workers, campaign and advocacy for cost of migration, advocacy with DEMO, BAIRRA and others.

Center for Child and Youth Development (CYD)

CYD is promoting youth, child and adolescents for various nation-building activities, promoting voluntarism; create access to information communication technology, reproductive health, professional skill development, conduct study research etc. It also develop resource center for youth and sustainable development field. In addition it develops child clubs with the disadvantaged children to develop life skill and family life education. The child club forms federation amongst the club members for greater unity and dialogue with local government authority.  The child clubs work as focal point for the children where they got recreational, educational, sports and other necessary support for their development by the training, education, games etc. It thinks to linkage with Information Communication Technology (ICT) with the children in near future and address the adolescent reproductive health, sexual exploitation. It is planning to implement Empowering Young Girls Women through ICT Enable Development activities.

Integrating Disability Issues in Community Development:

Due to low literacy rate, ignorance and disaster prone zone of the country, the main working areas are also high-risk zone for disability. Many people including children become disabled for unknown reason. ISDE Bangladesh believes Person with Disability (PWD) is not disabled but they are differently able. It is need to change the attitude towards the PWDs, so that they get equal opportunities in the society to take part in the normal life themselves and contribute to their family and society as a whole. As such ISDE Bangladesh takes up activities integrating disabled people and children in NFE program with normal children. It also involves adult disabled in-group formation, and income generation with provision of loan. In addition, assistance in minor treatment, and equipment are provided helping PWDs to lead normal lives so they can sue their potential effectively.  Currently ISDE is providing services for the Ricket and physical disabled at Moheshkali Island of Cox’s Bazar district with the technical support from Center for Disability and Development (CDD).

Gender Mainstreaming & Increase Women in Local Governance

With the help of Chittagong Social Development Forum (CSDF) and Steps ISDE has been initiated “Responsive Rural and Urban Governance to Protect and Promote Women Human rights Program” at 02 pilot ward of Chakaria municipality and Chittagong City corporation wards using the theme of “social volunteer for Social Change” through developing gender friendly social entrepreneurs, student volunteers, women activities who are active in promoting birth and marriage registration, campaign against violence against women and early marriage and access to women in local elected bodies by the a number of activities. Gender changes activist (GCA) a collective platform of social catalyst who are trying to change the social behavior towards women and girls children and reduce gender-related discrimination in the society. It also works to responsive the community services delivery institution (CSDI) at respective areas through a number of activities in respect of gender related issues. ISDE also implementing “Gender Concept Disseminating at the Grass roots: Social Activism through Social Actors Group” under the support from Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to replicate the “Responsive Rural and Urban Governance to Protect and Promote Women Human rights Program” another 10 partner NGOs will carry out the replication with the technical assistance from CSDF.

Access to Justice and Good Governance

ISDE Bangladesh started Access to Justice and Good Governance Program with the help of Madaripur Legal Aid Association (MLAA) under financial support of British High Commission Dhaka. The main aim of the project is to ensure participation of the women in alternative dispute resolution and increase effectiveness of village court for ensuring social justice. The process is formulated through developing community based civic forum (Community based organization-CBO) at village level and union level with the membership of UP chairmen, UP members, teachers, religious leaders, ex UP Members and women. ISDE Bangladesh provides technical and capacity development support to CBOs to do this and Union Parishad become focal point of this programme and the local government systems will more strengthen in this system. The ADR is conducted by the CBOs mediation committee members and Salish was conducted by the village court. The programme is implementing at 05 unions of Chakaria upazila under Cox’s Bazar district.


Campaign on Food Safety

ISDE Bangladesh has been running food safety movement in Chittagong region. It has been associated with Consumer Association of Bangladesh (CAB) and introduced campaign on stop selling junk food to Young generation movement. It also integrated the food safety issue with its normal development programme as one of the vital tropics. The campaign and information dissemination are running through its other programme like school based awareness raising and campaign, farmers rights and livelihood programme, regenerative agriculture programme, farmers field school and Micro credit programme for their group meeting.

Funding Resources:

The fund for ISDE Bangladesh’s various program and activities are raised by the membership subscription, community grants, contribution, grants, support and loan from Government departments, INGOs, donors, Embassy/high commissions, partnership with INGOs and contribution, grants and gifts from individuals, voluntary organizations, personal labor from national and international volunteers etc. The fund also generated by the charging services provided by the ISDE Bangladesh’s staff, revenue generation from IGA projects contribution from local community, business community and philanthropist etc.


Banking information:

The principal banking transactions are made through the following bank and account number; Eastern Bank Ltd, Jublee Raod  Branch, Chittagong, Bangladesh, title is Integrated Social Development Effort (ISDE) Bangladesh, number A/C, 0003107000-5950.  Swift code: EBLD-BDDH. Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking account DBBL: 017131100549. BIKASH mobile banking account: 01713110054

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