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Development philosophy of ISDE Bangladesh is essentially a historic approach aimed at socio economic development of the under developed and disadvantaged community. The landless and near landless people (owning less then 1.5 acre) of land, poorest of the poor and ultra poor women are given preference in selecting project beneficiaries.


The rural marginal farmers, landless, day labour, fishermen, share croppers, illiterate, disadvantaged women and children, destitute women, unemployed and under developed sections of the society who lives below the poverty line are the targeted communities of ISDE Bangladesh’s development activities. 95% beneficiaries are women. ISDE Bangladesh has given special attention to the ethnic minority, indigenous tribal, hilly backward people and urban slum dwellers of Rural/ Peri-Urban/ Urban areas particularly in the southeastern part of Bangladesh.


Ultra Poor: Woman those who are destitute, shelter-less, asset-less & maintain livelihood by begging and also selling labours either in the domestic or open labour market at a very nominal wages and falls between 18-50 years age range.

Poor: Woman who owns land less than 0.5 decimal or possess assets less than Tk. 20,000 and earns daily below Tk. 65 and falls between 18-50 years of age.

Disabled: Poor women and children, those who are mentally, physically & socially disabled/handicapped.

Vulnerable Group: Woman, children & people those who are in the low income, lack of awareness and vulnerable for becoming easy victim of HIV/AIDS, STI/STD, communicable diseases and Natural calamities and disasters.

Seasonal Famine: Poor woman and people those who are agriculture or fishing based labour and remain unemployed during off season in a year due to scarcity of work.

Micro Entrepreneurs: The persons who have crossed poverty line, active traders in the community & acquired proficiency/ Excellency in trading and falls between 18-50 years of age.


General Criteria for selecting the Target groups/the beneficiaries:

  1. Families having no land or owing less than half acre (50 decimal) of land.
  2. Windows with no earning sources. Divorced/ separated women.
  3. School going children unable to have educational facilities due to less earning by their parents.
  4. Physical disabilities of the earning persons of poor families.
  5. Poor families having no seed money for income generating activities.
  6. Poor working community or individuals who have the capacity to develop entrepreneurship skills.
  7. The ethnic minority groups
  8. Gender Equality.
  9. Unorganized illiterate backward people.
  10. Fishing Community.
  11. Disaster and climate change affected poor people.


Target Area Selection Criteria:

  1. Ethnic and minority habituated areas.
  2. Disaster prone areas due recurrences of natural calamities like cyclone, overflowing salinity water, tidal flash flood and river erosion causing widespread devastation and miseries.
  3. Slum and low income prone areas and the areas that is affected by seasonal unemployment and food insecurity.
  4. Comparatively backward areas from communication, literacy and economic activities.


Government Affiliation:

ISDE Bangladesh is registered with the Societies Registration Act XX1 of 1860, under Joint Stock Companies, Ministry of Commerce, NGO Affairs Bureau office of the Prime Minister, Directorate of Family Planning, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Bangladesh. The details are;


Name of Government Authority Number Date
Societies Registration Act 1860 (Act XXI of 1860) under Joint Stock Companies S-202 26-08-2003
NGO Affairs Bureau, Office of the Prime Minister’s FDR-803 13-02-1994, renewal up to 09-02-2020
Directorate of Family Planning FP-53/95 01-07-1995
Directorate of Youth Development DYD-388 11-07-2012
PADOR (Potential Applicant Data Online Registration) No Europe AID BD-2016-EXX-1107842791
Tax Identification Number(TIN)  
VAT Registration Number  
SAM (System for Award Management) D-U-N-S) 731596735

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