Tuesday 06 June, 2023

Dr. Shahid Ahmed visited Child Happiness Center (CHC)

04 Nov 2018 | 8: 13 pm

Dr. Shahid Ahmed President DoPeace USA visited ISDE Bangladesh operated Child friendly space for Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals in Cox’s Bazar, Rohingya Children in Potibunia makeshift Rohingya Camp, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar with financial support from DoPeace.org. The major activities of Child Happiness Center (CHC) are- provide Early Childhood Development and education, recreation, sports, nutritious food or snacks distribution and counselling. Rohingya children are very much interested for CHCs. Now more than 1500 rohingya children benefited by CHC project. But we have plan to serve 3000 Rohingya refugees children. Dr Shahid highly appreciated the ISDE’s activities for the Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals in Cox’s Bazar from Rohinyga influx started in August 25 2017. ISDE was involved to distribute cooked food to the newly arrivals, later its started food distribution, medical service, non food items distribution to the Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals in Cox’s Bazar. 

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