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Roundtable on Achieving Sustainable Development Goal on Nutrition Role of Civil Society organization and Challenge held at Chattogram

23 Nov 2019 | 10: 46 am

Divisional Commissioner Md Abdul Mannan speaking as chief guest

Bangladesh reiterated its commitment to the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposal adopted in the UN General Assembly on 2030, whose second goal is to ‘eliminate hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition and improve sustainable agriculture’. For various reasons, the Chittagong and Sylhet divisions lag behind the needle. Demand for Nutrition Supplementary and talented nation in the last few decades, the government has taken various initiatives for sustainable development and sustainable development, although food shortage is possible but nutritious food has not been ensured. Although food security is guaranteed due to the government’s initiative, they have not yet become accustomed to eating nutritious balanced meals. While the city’s junk foods, fast foods attract young people, they are not at all aware of a balanced diet containing vegetables, fish. Food waste has now become a social disorder. A large amount of food is being wasted on various occasions including marriage, banquet, while a large number of people still do not get enough food for three times in a day. Therefore, as social awareness needs to be created to prevent food wastage, scientific information should always be provided on the basis of balanced diet. Civil society, the media and private development organizations can play a big role in this. Otherwise, the formation of a meritorious nation would not be possible. Achievement of Nutrition Goals for Sustainable Development at the Conference Room of the Divisional Commissioner of Chittagong held on October 30, 2019.

Participants at the Roundtable of SDG and Nutrition

Roundtable meeting organized by ISDE Bangladesh associated with CSA for Sun, Concern Bangladesh and CAB Chittagong was chaired by Additional Divisional Commissioner (Development) Nurul Alam Nizami, Chittagong Divisional Commissioner Md Abdul Mannan was present as chief guest; Director General of National Nutrition Council(NNC) Dr. Md Shah Newaz, Divisional Commissioner (general) Shankar Ranjan Saha, Additional Director, Directorate of Agriculture Extension(DAE) Agriculturist Altaf Hossain, Deputy Director of Health Services, Dr Abdus Salam and Additional District Magistrate(ADM) of Chittagong  AZM Sharif Hossain was special guest. Mr. Altaf Hossain, Head of Department of Applied Food Science and Nutrition of Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Science University, presented the key note paper. Cab Chittagong Division General Secretary Kazi Iqbal Bahar Sabery moderated the roundtable, while ISDE Executive Director S M Nazer Hossain welcome the participants. Amongst other TIB Snak’s President Advocate Akhter Kabir Chowdhury, Editor CVoice24.com, M Nasirul Haque, ADAB CTG President Jesmin Sultana Paru,  Vice President Chittagong Women Chamber Rekha Alam Chowdhury, Deputy Director of Department of Fisheries Aminul Ilsm, Cab Chittagong Southern District President Alhaj Abdul Mannan, Women activist Jannatul Ferdous, CAB leader Tohidul Islam,  Ajay Mitra Shanku, Vegetable Exports Association member Selim Jahangir,  Assistant Professor of Neuron Medicine at Chittagong Medical College Dr. Dilip Kumar take part the discussion.

Prof Altaf Hossain, Applied Nutrition Science, CVSAU

Speaking to the Chief Guest, Divisional Commissioner Abdul Mannan said that people of Bangladesh accept food and fill their stomachs and people are impressed with the food being served in developed countries. As a result, eating too much of the human body is doing more harm than good. People are not dying anymore. People are dying due to overeating. As a result, many serious illnesses, including heart attacks, cancer, obesity, are now frequent. On the other hand, in the Chittagong region there is a huge amount of food wastage due to the huge feasting on various social occasions including marriage, banqueting. Food wastage was prevented, it would have been possible to add food to the mouth of a large number of hungry people. Nutritious food is not just food, it is also an antidote and calls for the further mobilization of various social forces, including cabs, to turn the matter into a social movement like safe and adulterated food movement in the country.

Director General of the National Nutrition Council Dr Md. Shah Nawaz said that the Chittagong division was lagging behind. Although the government conducts various activities, the desired success is not coming due to lack of public involvement. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the involvement of representatives of civil society and other organizations including CSA Sun.

In the Keynote paper, Professor Altaf Hossain explained the reasons for the progress of the Nutrition Index in the Chittagong Division. He mentioned the civil society can take the role to create awareness and protection of the rights of the consumers and clients. He also said that it would be helpful to achieve the goals of the SDGs if the civil society can play their strong and effective role. Therefore, civic organizations also need to be strengthened. Those who play negative role of the government, including the development of the pulp index, can play a role in changing society through radical criticism.

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