Friday 29 September, 2023

Celebrating International Mother Language Day and Martyr’s Day

22 Feb 2023 | 11: 06 am

On the occasion of 21st February 2023 International Mother Language Day and Great Martyr’s Day, the day was celebrated through various programs at the Lanning Centers run by ISDE Bangladesh. Among these programs were honoring the National Flag, playing the National Anthem and organizing a painting competition etc.

All these programs are conducted under the supervision of the Facilitators assistants of the educational centers, the parents of the students, the members of the school managing committee of the educational centers are cooperate them. As a result of organizing all these programs, the students got to know about the martyrs’ sacrifices for the demand of speaking in their mother tongue. Because of their self-sacrifice, Bengali language has been recognized as one of the most requested languages in the world.

The parents drew the attention of the ISDE authorities to strengthen such arrangements at the Lanning Center and organize all these programs with more programme.

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